Animal Testing

Should scientists do research using animals

Animals are living things and they have feelings

animal testing started with the Greek in the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C. with Aristotle. Then in 12th century Moorish Spain introduced animal testing. The reason we use animals when testing is because they have some of the same DNA as humans. Here are some thing that we have discovered using animals-

Dog-Discovery of insulin

Monkey-polio vaccine

Mouse-rabies vaccine

Pig-skin grafts for burn victims

Pig-compacter-assisted tomography (cat scans)

rabbit-corneal transplants

rat-carcinogen screening

opposing view points

  • Using animals in research is a tradition
  • Legally and ethically a medicine must be tested in a suitable animal form before clinical trial
  • Animal testing is very common

No to animal research

  • Animals are living things that have feelings
  • Nine out of ten drugs that appear promising in animals go on to fail clinical trials
  • AAVS (american anti-vivisection society) believes that animals have the right not to exploited for science

Not all studies are reliable for humans

  • nine out of ten drugs that appear promising in animal studies go on to fail clinical trials
  • some medications have different effects on animals than humans
  • animal studies do not reliably predict human out comes

There have been many disasters in animal testing

  • experiments on rats, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals revealed no link between glass fibers and cancer. But in 1991 due to human studies did OSHA label it carcinogenic
  • pacemakers and heart valves were delayed in development because of physiological differences between animals they were tested on and humans
  • animal models of heart disease failed to show that a high cholesterol/high fat diet increases the risk of coronary artery disease

Animal testing is abusive and torture

  • Before testing animals are abused by being trapped in cages
  • We do testing when they are alive and we may give them diseases to see w hat happens but it is torture to them
  • They die and suffer for us but nothing good comes out of the testings for them
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