Sal's Journey to Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone was established as the world's first national park in 1872.


Summer: daytime 70's and occasionally 80's in lower elevation. Nights drop below zero.

Winter: Often range from zero to (-20), below zero at night, snowfall often.

Association with Native Americans

Many tribes and bands used the park as their home, hunting grounds, and transportation on routes prior to and after European American arrival.
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Activities and Events






-wildlife viewing



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Fascinating Facts!

-Old Faithful erupts every 63 minutes!

-There are over 40 major waterfalls in Yellowstone

-Yellowstone has approxiamately 2000 earthquakes yearly

-A moose can keep its head underwater for three minutes

How Yellowstone has changed

Yellowstone has changed in many ways. For example, Yellowstone did not have all the activities we have today. The environment was much cleaner and less polluted, tourist and factories have majorly polluted the area. Also the wolves have been put on the endangered list.