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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of May 4-8: Stay healthy!

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IMPORTANT: Teacher Lead Money

Teacher lead money receipts were DUE APRIL 30! You go into the portal to complete the activity part and bring receipts to Randi/Jen. This must be done ASAP if you haven't completed it already.

Student Supplies

Parents are invited to come to the school's bus circle between 8-2 and 5-7 pm. Parents can pick up until Friday. After Friday, we will discard/recycle items. Glasses/jackets, etc will be labeled and saved.

Teacher supply orders

You received an email from me last week. Orders are due to Randy by May 12.
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Retention Meetings

I gathered more information on Friday from the District regarding retentions. I will be emailing individual teams on Monday.


The deadline has been extended!:
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Please stop taking new grades on Friday, May 22. That will give time to calculate GPA awards and also enable students to turn in late or missing work.

If you have a student that has done NOTHING during distance learning, please email me. I will go through the steps with you per the District. At my meeting Friday, it was determined we would use a failure floor of 50 or 59 in certain cases.

Please continue to grade student work as you have. Students that have completed any sort of work may not receive lower than a 60% this quarter.

Kindergarten Registration

The District created a Google Form for parents to fill out of incoming kindergarten students. This will be posted in the middle of the week. We will make our first appointments for May 18. I will send an email Monday to the K team and others involved with more information.

Summer Preparation

Your classroom needs to be prepared for summer break by the end of day on Friday, May 29. Keys must be turned in on or before May 29, along with your end of year checklist.

chromebook pick up

We will have students return chromebooks at the end of May/early June. When I receive specific direction from the District, I will share that with you. Students that participate in the book study will keep their chromebooks longer into June.

Mysterious "Mugger"

I forgot to put out a thank you to the person that "mugged" me at my house. Meant the world-thank you!
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