Jeff Dunham


Jeff Dunham is an award-winning ventriloquist and stand-up comedian , but is also an actor , mostly known for his role in SANDER DEGRANDE as Jonas DeGrande.

Dunham has many puppets: Walter , Peanut , Jose , Baby Peanut , Little Jeff , Achmed , Achmed Jr. , Diane , Melvin The Superhero , and many others.


SANDER DEGRANDE was the only show that Dunham didn't use his puppets in. Though they were used as decoration to Steve Aldridge's (Eldridge Lewiston) room.

2010 Building Collapse

In 2010 , the SANDER DEGRANDE studio collapsed with Dunham and Scott Leibbrandt (Jack DeGrande) inside. Dunham had minor injuries such as a broken leg and a sprained arm. Leibbrandt with a fractured right arm and sprained ankle. The studio was rebuilt and made different.

Audrey Murdick

Murdick dated Dunham in '09. In '12 , they married.


Peanut is one of Dunham's puppets that describes him as ' Furry , Funny , and Fun " , or FFF. Dunham's fans mostly love Peanut since he's the funniest of the group , along with Baby Peanut , a hand puppet made by Dunham. Peanut's famous qoute " NEEOW!!! " was made into a soundboard original after it was first said on Comedy Central.


Walter is a grumpy retiree that most fans love. " They love him because it reminds them of someone in there own family , like a father or a family member. ". Walter is mostly known for saying SHUT THE HELL UP!! to the crowd a lot.


Jose is a jalapeno on a stick. Or for his qoute: ON A STEEEK!! Jose is usually tormented by Peanut.


Diane is the female puppet Dunham made based upon his ex wife. Diane is rarely seen by fans , but sometimes makes special appearances.


Achmed , or by his real name (Achmed The Dead Terrorist) , a skeletol corpse of a suicide bomber from Iran. " Achmed is mostly seen with a goatee or just nothing. ". In 2010 , Dunham made a son for Achmed , surprising Achmed on-stage with the son. Achmed is most known for saying SILENCE I KEEL YOU to the crowd a lot. That has been his famous qoute.

Achmed Jr.

Achmed Jr. is Achmed The Dead Terrorist's son , who made the stage debut in 2010 , when Dunham brought him out on stage. Achmed Jr. , mostly known as simply A.J , is shown wearing half a face , some of his ribs showing , his leg skins missing , and some skin missing. His hair is perfect and combed on one , while on the other side , his hair is standing up.

Baby Peanut

Baby Peanut is a hand puppet made by Dunham to express Peanut's way of having a brother.

Melvin The Superhero

Melvin wasn't seen since 2007 , when Dunham first debuted him. He hasn't been seen since on TV , nor on videos of Dunham and the others.

Little Jeff

Little Jeff is a puppet made upon Dunham himself. Peanut controls it and makes fun of Dunham while playing with it. When Peanut says: And He plays with himself all night. Little Jeff says: That's more him than me! ".

Clothing from Dunham

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