The Dead & The Gone

A Novel by Susan Beth Pfeffer

The END has arrived.

Life As We Knew It / The Dead & The Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Alex Morales is a seventeen year old residing in Manhattan, New York during the time of an apocalyptic event. An enormous asteriod collides into the moon, knocking it closer to the orbit of earth, catastrophically altering the climate. As the city of New York and the rest of the world deteriorates, Alex must care for himself and his two younger sisters while keeping the pipe dream that his parents might one day return to their children, alive.

Beginning Stages

Nothing was ever the same since the collision.


As Alex strategically tries to keep himself and his sisters alive, he faces many challenges.
"God save their souls, Alex prayed. God save ours. It was the only prayer he could think of, no matter how inadequate it might be. It offered him no comfort, but he repeated it unceasingly. As long as he prayed he did not have to think. He did not did not have to remember. He did not have to decide. He did not have to acknowledge he was entering a world where no one had laid out the rules for him to follow, a world where there might not be any rules left for any of them to follow." -Alex Morales
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For Alex, parentless and providing for himself and two younger girls, the only fashion of coping that was suitable for him, was turning to God.

Miracles Do Happen

As New York city is about to be officially cut off from the outside world, Alex remembers an offer a friend gave him incase he was ever in need of something big. A ticket out for him and his youngest sister.
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The Experiences That Changed His Life

Over the course of a year, Alex went from waking up one morning to the drastic change of the world, to survivalist of a dead city. Manhattan perished and crumbled as Alex learned how to take responsibility for his family, and humble himself to care for those who he loves. Alex battled dangers from strangers with guns, to below freezing temperatures and starvation and yet, he still found a way for him and at least on of his sisters to survive. Unfortunately, his oldest younger sister dies, but she was in the process of helping her healthy siblings carry on. The love and compassion is what compelled Alex Morales to keep on hoping.

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