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Life in 1700s



New kinds of musical entertainment evolved during 1700s with the spread of Enlightenment ideas. Ballets and operas--plays set to music-- were performed at royal courts. The music of the period followed ordered, structured forms well suited to te Age of Reason.
Mozart - The Magic Flute - Die Zauberfloete - Karajan - 432 Hz. - COMPLETE OPERA -


In the 1700s, the arts evolved to meet changing tastes.


Peasants' life

In Western Europe, some peasants worked their own patches of land. Some were tenants of large landowners, paying a yearly rent for the land they farmed. Others were day laborers who hired themselves out to work on other people’s farms. But peasants still had to provide free labor.

In central and Eastern Europe, peasants owed labor services to their lords and could be bought and sold with the land.

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