Code of Ethics

Honesty, Integrity, Confidentiality, and Responsibility.


To be honest you must always tell the truth even when the truth doesn't come easily. Honesty is also keeping accurate record. That means that is you work for a company, the correct amount of money goes to the correct places. Finally honesty is respecting property of others by not disturbing property of stealing.


Integrity is following the rules when no one is watching. Integrity is also treating people fairly by being unbiased and unprejudiced.

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Confidentiality is keeping a secret. If a friend or someone else trusts you with a secret you, don't turn around and tell five other friends.

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To yourself

Telling yourself you will get an assignment done tonight and not procrastinate and actually getting the assignment done and not procrastinating.

To your family

If you have a family party and you say you will be there you go even if another event if offered to you.

To your community

Volunteering can be a responsible and helpful thing to do for your community.

To your school, home, etc.

Respecting property and not vandalizing is a good place to start.

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