Killing Killler Air

Emily Martinez - 4th Period

What is air pollution ?

Air pollution is when the air is dirty , or filthy with with poisonous or harmful substances. Some of the harmful substances that cause air pollution are gases, dust or fumes. This pollution is not only harmful for plants , it's also harmful for humans, animals and other materials.

What is smog ?

Smog is fog or haze that is combined with smoke and other pollutants. It is harmful to trees, animals, and buildings. Many deaths and pulmonary diseases are caused by smog. Trees and plants are also effected by smog. They become infected and their growth also changes. Many animals die and the plants take time to once again, adopt to breath and survive in toxic environments.

Chemical Compounds That Are Involved In Smog.

How are people responsible for the drastic increase in the pollution of the air ?

Many people don't walk to their destinations anymore , cars are now doing the work. Th a causes traffic which is a main cause of why the world is becoming so polluted. Industries also cause air pollution. The solution to stop this is in our hands , we can control the air pollution in our world. Many man-made things are the reason why the world is so polluted now. Fsctories, cars, planes, are all causes of pollution.

How will this impact the surrounding ecosystems ?

Smog impacts the surrounding ecosystems , but will hugely impact them more as time goes by. The smog in cities is harming many people's health , the environment , and also causing damage to property. The health problems that smog may cause are sifficulties in breathing, asthma, and also less resistance to lung infections. Many animal species become extinct dude to he smog in the air.

How can we "see" the actual effects of smog on our cities ?

Smog is visible in the air. We can detect it by looking at the horizon in the day and see how much haze there is in the air. Many cities also measure the pollutants in the air and give the reports to the public. Plants also go through a rough time when exposed to smog , they have to get adapted to survive in toxic envoronments.

Does anyone benefit from smog going unchecked ?

We all might ink that nobody benefits from the smog in the air , but China actually benefits form this smog ! The smog in China has made them become "equal" because now everyone breathes the same polluted air. China is the "world's factory" , now with the excessive smog they are clear of what the results of the huge amounts of factories are.

What are three solutions that people can do today to help reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere ?

  • Conserving energy - turn off any electronics while they're not being used.
  • Recycle paper , plastic bottles , aluminum & any other materials that are recyclable.
  • Wash clothes with warm or cold water , instead of hot water.

What environmental things contribute to smog ?

Last everything that we use contributes to smog. Cars, power plants, factories, and many products that we buy at the sptore. For example , paint, hairspray, even popcorn! High temperatures, sunshine and calm winds are also causes of smog. Smog forms quicker in a hot day and it's also more severe.