Toddler 2 Zoo news

April 22nd-April 26th 2013

It has been a busy week in the toddler 2 classroom! We learned all about things that grow! It was exciting to learn how the sun helps plants grow! Everyone enjoyed wearing some cool sunglasses this week! We even planted grass seeds so that we can watch it turn from seeds into tall grass!

Ms. Jonalyn's Group

This week we worked very hard on our writing skills! We also spent several days this week making our friendship flowers. With all the rainy days lately, Ms. Jonalyn brought the rain inside for a fun water activity! We were able to wash our baby dolls and use water bottles to fill up a tub!

Ms. Claar's Group

Thanks to all the rain and talented artists, the toddler 2 room and kitchen are very bright! We did several fun art projects this week while learning about things that grow! We made pop bottle flower paintings, dot flowers and even hand print trees! It was very fun to go outside and see everything growing! The kids pointed out the grass, trees and even those pretty yellow flowers!

We were lucky enough to help Carson celebrate his birthday this week! Happy 2nd birthday Carson!


Please remember our school carnival will be Friday May 3rd from 4:30-7:30!

Please call 348-1029 to RSVP for a lot of family fun!