The Brains Aren't the Barriers

Could the curriculum be the core problem?

Universal Design for Learning

If a student has a special need that requires additional support, are they receiving an advantage over other students?

According to, this question has arisen several times over the past years. When you think about it however, shouldn't all students be provided with materials to succeed at the optimal level?
When traveling for example, we do not criticize others for taking an airplane, when we drive our cars. The same goes in the classroom. Should students that need a metaphorical airplane be looked down upon? The definition of equality is giving everyone the specific tools they need to achieve the same goal, not just giving everyone the same tool.
If the end result is a house, some may have foundations already built while others are just holding a hammer. If everyone must have their house built by the same time, it is obvious the one with the hammer may need help to be brought up to speed. It is not that they are incapable of building the house, they simply did not start with the same materials.

Classroom Evidence

Scenario: Tommy is a second grade student that learns best when read aloud to. Katie on the other hand, succeeds when reading aloud to herself. If given the opportunity to have the text read aloud, is Tommy really having an educational advantage over Katie? Both are receiving the same information, just in different formats.

Next week scenario: M discusses how differences in eye sight may also be a factor in educational formats.

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