What is Perseverance?

Lauren Verdun

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a Hawaiian native and loves to surf. One day she went out on the ocean and a shark attack ripped off her left arm. It would be very hard to get back to surfing. Yet, she knew that she wanted to keep doing what she loved. Two years later she won her first national title. Competitors had an advantage because they had the use of both arms, but Bethany demonstrated that the loss of something couldn't stop her from reaching her dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt never had an “easy life.” To begin with, Eleanor was always teased for how she looked. The text states, “People teased her about her looks and and called her the ‘ugly duckling.’” Then, a few years later her mother passed away. Next, her brother Elliott caught diphtheria and died. Later, Eleanor’s father died. This was the hardest thing for her. When she was 15, Eleanor’s grandmother decided to send her to boarding school. There she learned about discipline and how to become a polite woman. Afterward, she was told to go to parties and dances. She began to fall in love with her fifth cousin, Franklin Roosevelt. She began to be accepting with herself.

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Losing to Win

Another story of triumph is the girls on the Lady Jags basketball team. These girls have a difficulty of keeping grades up, and plenty of other worries. The girls lack a support system because of family issues. For most of them, sports and the fun it provides are their only hope. It teaches them to support each other and their coaches have their backs and guide them along basketball and school. In the end they could get out of high school knowing they have people to talk to during hard times. They can develop lifelong friendships too.
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Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Bruno’s dad’s job in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas caused the whole family to move from Berlin to the “Out-with.” Bruno's father was a German Nazi in World War II. Bruno wasn't given any information about the people in the “Striped Pajamas” but was told to not go near the fence. He, being an adventurous boy, set off one day in search of finding friends. As a result, Bruno met a Jewish boy named Shmuel. Bruno began to walk there every day. Once Bruno’s mother decided the out-with was not a place for her children to to be. Bruno’s mother, sister, and Bruno were planning to move back to Berlin. Bruno had gone back to the fence to say one last goodbye to Shmuel. He wanted to see the camp for himself, so he dug under the fence. However, he never made it back to the other side of the fence.

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Carry on and Everything is Incredible

The video “Carry On” and Everything is Incredible” are both similar because Agustin and Leroy both have a disability. Leroy was hit by a train and lost both legs. Agustin had polio, which limits the use of his body. However, Leroy has an absent father, while Agustin also lacks his supporters. Many people describe Agustin as “crazy” because he spends so much time working on his helicopter. He has worked on it for more than 50 years. Yet, Leroy does have many supporters, including his girlfriend along with Dartanin and Lisa.

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