Fabulous Friday Facts

February 26th

Upcoming Events

Monday 29th:

Tuesday 1st:

Wednesday 2nd: Staff meeting at the intermediate about budget (7:45), Accountability

Thursday 3rd: 5th Grade Data Meeting (12:45-2:15)

Friday 4th:

CHANGES in upcoming schedule:

Assessment Days have been changed to be within the MAP window. They will now be MAY 2nd and 3rd!!! April 28th and 29th will be regular teaching days.

May 6th will be a make-up day for the snow day. We will have students that day!!

EL Training!!!

We are excited to announce that John Mann from Expeditionary Learning will be joining us on March 28th for the morning to do some training!

Values Awards

We are changing these awards up a bit this year and trying to get ALL staff participation. Below is a link to nominate a staff member for a value award. The categories include Integrity (adhering to a high standard of professional conduct and honesty), Valuing People (respecting, supporting and treating people with dignity), Teamwork (working together to attain organizational goals) and Exemplary Performance (efficiently and effectively work that results in achievement of organizational goals).

Remember these awards are for ALL staff and you may nominate as many people as you like (just fill out the form more than once). This year too, you may nominate someone from the Primary or Intermediate, not just your building and it is okay to nominate someone who has already won.

A committee of past winners will select the winners for this year.

PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to recognize the great work of your colleagues. It means A LOT!!!!!



Differentiation Strategies in Math

Join the elementary math team in adding tools to your tool box for differentiation. Teachers will walk away with a variety of strategies to support all of their students. The time will include anchoring to research and planning with peers. Come prepared with planning materials to maximize the time with colleagues. Teachers will receive additional pay for attendance.

Primary Teachers – Thursday, March 10th 4-6pm

Enroll using ESS Code: DMA23 0001

Celebrations from staff to staff!!!

  • Lisa George: Thanks for the guidance with unique parents and ensuring all voices are heard,

Tell us more... http://goo.gl/forms/ewiX1Qwzcw

Looking for vocabulary strategies to use in the classroom?

Watch this 30 second screen cast below to learn about a tool presented at CCIRA by Janet Allen. Vocabulary tool

Big image

Learning Progressions

Please share this attachment with anyone interested in participating in a focus groups to support our Learning Progressions work. We had over 100 of our colleagues participate in the development of learning progressions for each of our content areas and all of our Jeffco 2020 competencies. These tools will help teachers to better understand the skills that students learned in previous grades and understand where they will head in the grades beyond their current grade level. Additional duty pay will be provided.

Leading Student Achievement

The final Leading Student Achievement sessions are scheduled for March 8 and 10. Please read the session description for additional information about specific learning. Additionally, sessions are offered at various sites and in various modalities to better meet the needs of all learners. Sessions offer school teams (including the principal, assistant principal, instructional coach, master teacher, and teachers) the opportunity to engage in timely professional development.

Please use this link Leading Student Achievement Days

Bradford Intermediate is hosting an Apple workshop.

Dare to Dream!!

Cartoon for children - Zahra - Animated Short Film