By Chance Hamisi

Sexting is sending sexy text,The text may be by words or image.
Sexting with pictures has probably been around as long as mobile phones have had the ability to take photos and send and receive images.

Why sexting is WRONG!!

some people take sexting as a normal thing but its not, when you send anything through the net using facebook,instagram,snapchat and so on they can never be deleted. Thats just the same as sending nudes.IF someone sends you nudes and you didnt ask for it,in the end both of you are in trouble. It doesnt matter who you send it too might be your boyfriend, girlfriend or just some random, they can save and share your pictures, and may spread it around,sending nudes might be fun but it wont be when the police or your class mates and friends see it. Some people just need to use common sense and SAY NO TO NUDES.

Ways To Avoid Sexting

If your not comfortable with the whole "nude" thing here are some ways to stop it
1. Tell the person to stop sending nudes to you
2.tell your parents about it so they can help
3.Delete the app that the person is sending them to you the cops if they wont stop!!

Story TIme! Sexting to the MAX!!

So theres this girl in my year (9) shes alright sometimes, shes nice,funny and easy to get along with. All was going well for her until one day she sent a nude to a guy in an older year. At first she didnt take it as a big deal. A few days later she came to school and everyone was looking at her funny especially the boys, she didnt know what was going on but we all knew what had happen, Her pictures were spread around. She was pretty upset about it but took no notice of anything. She had a choice to delete the app and stop talking to the guy she sent them to but did she? No she kept sending pictures to people and thought nothing will happen. Its sad really because she was a good friend and now shes always sad and lost nearly all her friends. Nudes can make you do stupid things such as depression,Suicidal thoughts and that exactly what she went too and still is.

Its never too late to stop all this from happening,One snap of the camera and a click of a send button could ruin everything.
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