Donovan's Fast Food Fryer

The worst in food since people were fat.

Our low quality will make McDonald's seem like a stuck-up vegan restaurant!

Located next a run-down K-Mart, this restaurant is sure to make your blood sugar and cholesterol 300% higher just by looking at it. First, let's talk about our service. We spent barely any time hiring the dumbest and snobbiest teenagers as the cashiers, making it seem that they don't give a flying fart about their jobs. There are always people in the front of the line that spend 30+ minutes thinking of what they want to order, and when you want to order, the words on the menu are just a bit too small to read. The sauce section is messy, and the drink machine's spill catcher filled with ice. And the food, well, lets just say everything is deep-fried.

We can't show you our products, because if we did, your brain would explode.