World's First Handheld Camera

George Eastman sells first handheld camera for $25.00.

By Brad Ratay

World's First Handheld Camera is Introduced to America

George Eastman shocked America with his invention of the handheld camera in 1888. It gave the power of capturing images available to the general public.

An advertisement from 1888 of the first Kodak camera by Kodak. Image is available for use in the public domain.

Cutaway front view of first Kodak camera by an unknown artist. This image is available for use in the public domain.

FIrst Invented in 1888, first produced in Rochester, NY.

Impact on Industrialism

The first handheld camera gave consumers the power to document everyday life. It made capturing images easier and more accessible to the public. The first handheld camera paved the way for the modern micro cameras in our cellphones.