Built with Quality!


We sell hand made bows, quivers and arrows

Handmade not factory that is what makes us special. We spend time making each individual item.

Our handmade products

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A bow like no other

Every bow is different, having robots to make it is not a good quality bow. Our master craftsmen/women ensure that every bow is 50% better than fast factory made bows. It also has the power and a accuracy to shoot 3 arrows.

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A special quiver

Handmade leather quiver to have an awesome look and carry up to 15 arrows. Made of 100% real leather!


Kill anything you shoot.

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Kill targets or real life fake dead animals in the practice range

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Arrows? Same care, same quality all 150%

It just doesn't get any better Bard's.

8976 Lake Town Road, Bywater 58096 NC.


Our store also can adjust any bow and gives classes as well as private lessons