Roberts Library Update

Week of September 30th

Library Classes This Week

This week is Book Fair week. We will explore the book fair and checkout. No chromebooks will be needed.

Book Fair Schedule

Although it is not easy, I commit every year to leave the library open and running during Book Fair. In order to keep all these balls balanced in the air, I have to specify certain times during the day when kids can come independently to shop the book fair. Please print the schedule below for book fair week. Thanks!

Thank YOU!

Now that the library system has been repaired with minimal missing data, my eye has stopped twitching and my neck is once again moving! Ha! Thank you to everyone for having patience in dealing with this huge inconvenience. I appreciate all of you who rolled with the flow. We made it! Fingers crossed that we don't have to live like the 80's anymore this year. That decade WAS great (I mean we did have some incredible hair), but we must move forward.

Congrats to the Following AR Star Classes

First- Sanders' class has a 94% average!

Second- Mitchamore's class - 91 % average

Third- Murray's class - 81 % average

Fourth- Kneupper's class - 84% average

Congrats to the Following AR Star Students

First- Madison Loveless - 12 points!

Second- Allie Moellenbrink - 10 points!

Third- Marshall Lewis - 22 points!

Fourth- Hazel Meservy - 86 points!

Classes Currently in the Lead:

First- Cramm's class with 137 points earned!

Second- Richards' class with 86 points earned!

Third- Cartmill's class with 110 points earned!

Fourth- Kneupper's class with 222 points earned!

JiJi Stars

By the end of last week, the percentage complete goal for ST Math is 14%. Congrats to the following math classes who are meeting or beating that goal!





Williams - Both classes

Richards - Both classes

Cartmill - Group 1

Kneupper - Both classes

Breaux - All Classes