Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 17 January 11-15

Important this Week!


  • K-2 MOY TPRI Window Begins
  • If I requested Tier I data from you, please turn it in this morning
  • Kirby out all week
  • Holmes, Holderby, Lemons out
  • Pellegrino out for up to 12 weeks
  • ILT meets after school
  • Board Meeting 6:30 pm Board Appreciation Night
  • Jeanie out all day-Leadership
  • PLC meetings with Jeanie and Jana during conference periods
  • Friedman out
  • Hajek Leadership at 3:20-Big Conference Room
  • AFL Cohort 5 Begins (Brentz, Atkinson, Ply, McElroy out)
  • Floyd, Kirby, and Gross are out
  • 5th grade Team Time
  • Jeanie at Data Meeting #2 8:30-10

Tier I Interventions

Please take the time to review your RTI information in your Hajek Hashtag. It has come to my attention that we either misunderstand the Tier I protocol, or maybe we have relaxed our practices. Tier I documentation is for any student that needs intervention in addition to the regular classroom instruction.

Tier I interventions are:

Intervention = specific, targeted remedial techniques (McCook, 2006, p.51)

•Interventions are strategic, purposeful adult actions that prevent learning difficulties and accelerate, and/or enrich student learning.

(Cappello, et al. 2008)

When referring a struggling student for Tier II services, Tier I services do not stop. Keep recording your interventions on your Tier I Documentation form. You should NEVER submit your original Tier I form for referral. Submit a only a copy. Whenever I request a copy of your Tier I interventions, I only need that form.

While we are blessed to have amazing interventionists, the ultimate responsibility for student progress lies with you.

We worked together to create a vision statement that is a true representation of what we believe is the destiny for Hajek.

Hajek Elementary: a community school focused on providing individualized instruction to foster growth mindsets for all students.

How do you see yourself in making our vision a reality?

This Wednesday's PLCs

This Wednesday, be prepared to address two of the four PLC focus questions.

"How will we know when they have learned it?"

  • What data are we using?
  • What common assessments do we use?
  • How do we use our common assessment data?
  • What formative assessments are we using?
  • Are we using common formative assessments?

"How will we respond when they don't learn?"

  • If we are doing what we have always done...you know the rest.
  • Has your instruction changed? Should it?
  • Intervention

Here's where we've been:

  • Differentiation for the gifted
  • PBIS
  • PLC once per week
  • District Core Values
  • District Collective Commitments
  • Campus Collective Commitments for instruction
  • Flex grouping
  • Common Assessments
  • Study of Writing Rubric 4th Grade
  • Writing Plans across grade levels
  • Examined vertical alignment of curriculum K-8 and K-12
  • Shoring up our Learning Targets
  • Shoring up our Lesson Plans
  • Guided Reading Training and Resources
  • Examination of your PLC practices
  • Writer's Workshop Model
  • Student Motivation

Be prepared to share the following:

  • Common Assessments
  • Data from the common assessments
  • Student Progress
  • District Assessments
  • Ways your instruction has changed
  • Where you stand on District Collective Commitments
  • Grade Level Writing Plan
  • Is your instruction modeling best practice? Are the students working collaboratively? Are they bored?


Thank you,

  • Mendy Busby, Alaina Pollard, and Kari Davis for making our Spelling Bee amazing!
  • Mendy and Alaina for putting together a great reception
  • Joyce and Courtney for the awesome data you put together
  • 4th grade for the information you provided
  • Katie for filling in for Anne
  • Jessica for putting together the beautiful art work for School Board Appreciation
  • Heather Sanders for sharing Plickers with us!
  • All of you who covered, divided, and made it happen when staff had to be out!
  • Those of you who left me the data I asked for by the deadline!