Types of Consciousness

By: Marisol

Three Levels of Consciousness!

Each level of consciousness represents a differing degree of intensity of awareness... Want to learn more about your subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind? Look no further!

Types of Consciousness

It is useful to distinguish three senses of the word 'consciousness'. 'Minimal' consciousness is the occurrence of any mental activity, whether or not the subject is aware of this activity. 'Perceptual' consciousness is perceptual activity. Minimal and perceptual consciousness may be present, yet 'introspective' consciousness be lacking. Introspective consciousness is conceived as perception-like awareness of the subject's own current mental states and activities. It includes introspective consciousness of introspective consciousness itself. Without introspective consciousness, therefore, awareness of a self and the past history of that self is lacking.

Relativity to Planet

On a global scale, humanity is collectively creating a level of consciousness about the human experience, the planet, nature, and our responsibility to the earth. Mass consciousness is a reflection of our collective energy.