Enviromental Issues towards Afirca


What is deforestation?? What does it cause??

When humans clear forests and cut down trees for cultivation, grazzing, or settlement deforestation occurs. After World War 2 deforestation increased a lot in Africa along with other parts of the world. Sadly, 90 percent of the trees in Cote d'Ivoire have disappeared. This can effect the air in the country. African reasearchers are now having to work hard on replenishing the soil and slow or stop deforestation. Deforestation is found in rain forests, South America, West Africa, and Indonesia. Deforestation is happening in a alarming rate!!!

The A-Z Charity

Nature is calling!

The A-Z Charity has many goals for those in the need for trees and forests and none of it can succed without your help. By donating a dollar each month our volenteers can collect enough money to buy trees and plant them around the world. With more trees we are preventing deforestation and helping the Africans earn money with the use of trees. There will be more oxygen and repenished soil. So jion today because it is as easy as learning the alphabete A-Z.


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