Room 4 Update

Keeping Teachers, Students, & Parents on the Same Page

Successful First Full Week!

Phew! We are off to a great start here in Room 4, and I want to keep our wonderful parents updated on our progress and insights thus far! Check back weekly for an update on important news, class progress, awesome assignments, and amazing student accomplishments!

We've Been Busy!

Student Homework

Week 2 Homework

The week 2 homework was sent home on Thursday and Friday this week. This first packet includes: Spelling, Owl papers, Reading & Science (full packet attached here).

We know our students have lots of extracurricular activities to juggle after school, so homework will be sent home on every Thursday night, and will be due on the following Thursday. This will give you and your student a week to work the homework in around your busy schedules. I will have students write the suggested timeline of completing their assignments in their planners each day, but the packet will not be due until Thursday morning.

*Note: Science homework will require access to the textbook, which can be taken home, or found online (see instructions below).

A little more information about this week's homework:

  • Spelling Contract: Students are to complete 50 points worth of spelling homework this week (every week hereafter will be 100 points). Each one of the activities listed under 25, 50 and 100 points are worth the points of their header. This week students may choose 2 activities from the 25 point list, or 1 activity from the 50 point list to fulfill the homework requirement. Additional points are welcome, but will not receive extra credit. (due Thursday)
  • Owl Pages 1-3: Students should complete each page, showing work when necessary. (due Thursday)
  • Reading Footballs: The class has been divided into two teams, UCLA and USC. We will be keeping track of student reading each night by use of the footballs in the packet. Students should record their nightly reading on the footballs, and cut one out to be turned in EACH DAY. We will track scores daily. The minimum amount of reading is 20 minutes, maximum reading time (that will count towards our competition) is 60 minutes. Weekend contributions may total up to 120 minutes. (due daily).
  • Science Packet: The YELLOW science packet will be due on Thursday, and will require access to the online textbook. We have not started instruction for science yet, so your student may choose to save this assignment until next week. There is ONE more science worksheet coming on Tuesday to supplement the Yellow sheet you already have. This packet can be found in the attached homework packet.

Science Textbook:

*Note, my browser is having trouble accessing the virtual textbook, please check to see if it works for you - otherwise please do not worry about this assignment until next week.

  • Username: casci04
  • Password: redwood

Parent Homework

It's that time of year when parents have more homework than students do! Please check to be sure that you have completed and sent the following documents with your student!

  1. Music Intent Form (Green)
  2. Music form (Carbon Copy White/Yellow)
  3. Re-registration (Online - Required for students to use computers on campus)
  4. PTA forms
  5. Miss Stewart's beginning of the year survey (

Please also be sure to check out the class website to find homework, announcements, updates, calendar, school information, etc (

Back To School Night

September 10th marks our Back to School Night for Room 4! Please be ready to discuss, and ask questions about our classroom and our year!

4th – 6th grades: 5:45 – 6:15pm

Passing Period: 6:15 – 6:30 pm

1st – 3rd grades: 6:30 – 7:00 pm

Parent Volunteers

Sign-ups for parent volunteers will open at Back to School Night!