Science Lab Safety

Made by, Bella G , Izzy B , Aaron E

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing Safety Gear, such a googles, lab coats and gloves can provide protection for experiments. For example,If a chemical happens to splash up by your eye, The googles will protect your eyes from potentially becoming blind or injured. Gloves also can stop reactions from dangerous chemical going onto your skin.

Listen to all Directions and Litsten to your Teacher

Always follow all directions, when don not follow directions you may not understand what you are doing. You also could potentially mix the wrong chemicals and cause and unnameable chemical reaction. You should also listen to your teacher at ALL times. They will always tell you what to do.

Be cautious around others and yourself

You should always be cautious around others to prevent any one from getting hurt or yourself getting hurt! Also don't fool around because for as long as it is fun and games others and you could get severely hurt.

Tell Your Teacher If Something goes Wrong

If something to ever happen to go wrong make sure that no one gets hurt. When you tell your teacher what goes wrong they an also prevent things from going even more wrong. Your teacher will not get mad at you, they will be happier that you told them so that no injury or dangerous chemical reactions occurred.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Put your hair up

When you have loose clothing on it could potentially burned by fire or destroyed by harmful chemicals. Putting your hair up can prevent it from getting caught in the fires. You can roll your sleeves up and wear closed toe shoes to prevent anything from harming your skin.

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Follow These Important Safety Rules

Following these important safety rules can protect you and everyone around you from harm. Make sure to follow these rules and you will have a great year in Science class!