Professional Development

By: Mike Winters

Interview with our Director of Curriculum

"In brief, in order to prepare students for the opportunities and challenges in the 21st century, Midland Park is excited to provide teachers and students access to technology to support this growth and development. To accomplish this goal, the district will be providing more workshops for teachers to support technology integration in the classroom and highlight best practice using 21st century tools. The needs of each building are unique; therefore, workshops will be geared toward the specific learning needs of teachers and the grade level(s)/subject areas for students." - Melissa Quackenbush

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MWinters @MrWintsKids

What are your favorite types of PD...flipped PD or staff meetings, EdCamp, electronic staff meetings, technology days? #edchat #MAT737

MWinters @MrWintsKids

Is tech development & integration a top PD priority in your district? What does your district offer for tech PD? #edchat #MAT737

Why Flipped PD Would Work...

Flipped PD would work in my district because it would force technology to be infused into our PD sessions. To truly flip PD teachers need access to technology and with that technology comes training and more opportunity to use the technology during PD, class, meetings, etc. This is a win-win situation for my district...teachers receive better technology and better PD!!!
Flipped PD Intro Video