ESS Update

Week ending January 8, 2021

Return to in person learning

We will return to in person learning beginning on Monday January 11th--we will be 4 full days-in person learning- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Your child’s teacher will be sharing a “Return to School” document with you. I ask that you fill it out ASAP so that we know whether your child is returning to school or remaining full distance learning as well as your child’s dismissal from school each day. I ask that you complete that form no later than Thursday at noon.

School times are 9:00 AM-3:45 PM. Student drop off begins at 8:45 AM. Any students arriving via car after the doors close at 9:00 will be marked tardy.

Dismissal begins at 3:45. If you are picking your child up, please make sure you have ID ready and follow all social distancing protocols. Signage will show you where to stand. Changes in the way your child will be dismissed will NOT be accepted after 2:45. You must call the office to make this change-we will not accept email requests.

Wednesday will be a full day distance-learning day, the same as we have been doing since November, except students will be following a full day schedule-9:00 AM-3:45 PM. Your child will have a break for lunch and recess as well as other scheduled breaks. Art, Music, PE and Library will be held at their regularly scheduled times on Wednesday so please be sure your child is logging in.

We will keep all routines the same as we had prior to going out with some changes that are listed below:
Recess-Students are able to have recess outside. Classes will not be able to be mixed during recess, students must remain socially distanced and masks must remain on the entire time, both for indoor and outdoor recess. Your child’s class will have assigned outdoor areas for recess. I would suggest that you have your child bring individual recess bags with things for them to do if you would like such as jump ropes, chalk, etc

Lunch-students will continue to eat in the classrooms with coverage coming in. We remain a nut free school throughout ESS. Lunch and breakfast is free of charge for all students everyday through the end of this school year.

Expectations for full time distance learners and Wednesdays- parents have the responsibility to be sure their child/children are logging on and marking attendance by 9:10 each day. You will be provided details for scheduled synchronous learning times (it will not be live streaming all day) to ensure your child’s attendance with those meets.

I am thrilled to welcome the children back. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have-

January Social Emotional Learning Focus-Social Awareness

Watch this video so that you and your child can discuss what social awareness is

Student Technology

Parents have the option of allowing their child bring their own device (either a laptop or Chromebook) to school for them to use.

If you would like your child to use their own device from home at school a Bring Your Own Device Agreement must be signed and returned to the main office. You can download that agreement by clicking on the link below. Please complete and return to school.

Important Dates to know

Monday January 11-return to in person learning

Wednesday January 13-Full day distance learning day

Monday January 18-No school-Martin Luther King Day

Wednesday January 20-Full day distance learning day

Wednesday January 27-Full day distance learning day

District Notices

Breakfast and Lunch Menus