Mrs. Kirchner's 3rd Grade Leaders

February 8, 2016

Congratulations Addison!

Congratulations to Addison for being our Hazelwood Leader of the Week! Her strong work ethic, kindness and proactive attitude is an example for all to follow! We are so proud of her many talents and accomplishments!
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Cause and Effect

Last week, our class learned about Water Pollution. We discussed in great lengths the causes of water pollution and the effects it has on Earth. They had an opportunity to see a demonstration of pollution destroying our rivers. Then, they each created a poster to illustrate their learning! They all did a wonderful job on this project!



We are entering the world of FABLES, MYTHS, LEGENDS, FAIRY TALES, and TALL TALES.

We will be focusing on the elements of the story: setting, characters, problem/solution, moral/lesson, and theme.

A great resource to read with your child! There are many fables to choose from in this online book. I highly reccommend reading through these with your child and discussing the above focus areas. Plus, reading aloud to your child is a great way to promote fluency!

Math: Fractions

Yes, we are moving quickly. We are getting started with fractions on Monday! Fractions is a very large part of the summative assessment at the end of the year; therefore it is very important that your child understand these concepts. They are responsible for understanding the following fractions: halves, fourths, eighths, thirds, and sixths. They will also have to develop and strong understanding of equivalent fractions.

On Tuesday, we will be doing an activity using Little Debbie Brownies (instead of using BORING paper). Please EMAIL me if you are willing to provide a box of Little Debbie Brownies.

I will be doing a lot of work in the classroom to get them prepared for these tasks, but please let me know if you have any additional questions about homework, or tests!

Please keep practicing multiplication facts at home. This can even be done in the car on the way home, or for a few minutes in the evening. We will begin with "mixed" quizzes this week. Also, on Saturday they recored the 3rd grade academic goal for this year in their Leadership Notebook. Their goal is to reach at least 90% accuracy with their multiplication facts by June 1, 2016. The tests will have 100 facts on it and they are given 10 minutes. We will be tracking this data weekly, so they can celebrate their accomplishments each week! We discussed that they are not to get discouraged if they don't reach 90% accuracy on the first few tests. We have a goal for the first of June; therefore improvement each week is the key to reaching this goal!

As of this past Friday, we had SIX students reach this goal! I hope to see this number increase each week!

Practice Multiplication and Division Online!


This week in science we will learn about how roller coasters move so fast, all without a motor (the motor is in the track of the first hill). We will learn about how hills can store energy. The higher the hill, the more energy, the faster the coaster can go! We will solve the mystery, “How do roller coasters move so fast?”

You can support this week’s learning by watching a video with your child of the coaster we studied in class, the Goliath. ( ) It’s the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world! You might also want to share your experiences riding roller coasters or other amusement park rides.

Last week we attempted our Roller band rollers and came across a few obstacles. Unfortunately, not all rollers worked properly. I have encouraged them to do some more exploring with potential problems that made the rollers not work and find solutions.

FINGERS CROSSED our Roller Coasters work!

Lunch Menu

Monday: SNOW

Tuesday: SNOW

Wednesday: SNOW

Thursday: SNOW

Friday: SNOW

I am just kidding! I will email the choices tomorrow!


The class voted on Thursday to be responsible for bringing in their own snack. It can be difficult to please all the variety of tastebuds we have in the classroom. They decided they would prefer bringing in their own. Please note that we always have extras from breakfast, so if they forget one day there is always something to eat. We discussed bringing in healthy snacks because we need the nutrients to sustain the energy for active learning.

Classroom Jobs

Manager: Reese

Assistant Manager: Isiah

Messenger: Alicia

Lunch Count: Emma

Line Leader: Will


Monday, Feb. 8th, 9:30am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Wear tennis shoes!

Sock Hop (Thinking Ahead)

Friday, Feb. 12th, 6pm

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

The Sock Hop is coming up soon!!!


Friday, Feb. 12th, 9:30am

1111 Plott Creek Road

Waynesville, NC

Wear tennis shoes!

Bojangles Night

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 6pm

Waynesville, NC, United States

Waynesville, NC

Come support our school!

Zaxby's Night

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 6pm

Waynesville, NC, United States

Waynesville, NC

Come support our school!

Issue: Names on Papers

I have been stressing the importance of putting names on papers. I am shuffling many papers during the day and we have discussed that it is their responsibility for making sure their name gets on their assignments. I even mentioned this again on Thursday afternoon because I knew I would not be there on Friday. It is with great disappointment that I have to give several students zeros on this last math assessment and homework assignment. Again, this was discussed at great lengths on Thursday and they all shook their heads with acknowledgement of the consequence that would be given. While I don't enjoy giving these grades, it is the only way that I can teach this important skill. I not only want them to learn math, reading, writing and science, but that THEY are responsible for their work. We also discussed turning in homework for this past week. A few did not turn it in, and a few gave me THIS week's homework. We spent about five minutes on Thursday going over this procedure too.

I truly hope that you understand my position and support my solution to HOPEFULLY fixing this problem in the class. I don't want to enable this behavior because I fear that once they get to middle school, it will not be tolerated. My hope is to get them to learn from these mistakes, so it doesn't cost them in the future.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know!

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