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Rules for the Utopian Society

Rule 1:No violence will be allowed in the society

Rule 2. Stealing is not tolerated and if stealing takes place it ruins the economy and security of our society.

Rule 3. Divorce is not allowed. This prevents an unhappy society.

Rule 4. Children must attend school until they can prove that they can work and provide for themselves. This prevents poverty in adulthood.

Rule 5. No guns or weapons permitted. This leads to death and violence, which is not beneficial to the society.

Rule 6. No abusing animals. Hurting living things is cruel and should not be done.

Rule 7. All citizens must recycle. Pollution is not beneficial and recycling prevents pollution and environmental problems.

Rule 8. Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to rest and family time and time spent doing work those days is not allowed.

Rule 9. Racism is not permitted because it is not ethical or right.

Rule 10. No drug use or smoking. This is bad for the environment and the daily lives of the people. If people smoke, they will not be able to work to their potential, which affects the society.

Ideals of Freedom

Citizens living in the United States have many freedoms and rights. We can say what we desire and can protest in support of our beliefs. We can also vote for our political preferences and communicate with the government in hopes of a change in policy or law. One of the most enjoyed freedoms that the people of the U.S. share is a freedom of speech. We can say what we want without penalty and we can freely express our thoughts. This is often a right we take for granted however in a society similar to the one in 1984 by George Orwell, some people have more rights than others. A civilization that has limited and different freedoms among the people are not balanced and it causes an unhealthy society. Although in a society that has limited rights is most likely safer, it is not a well-run society because the people do not have the right to protest for their beliefs. Also, the citizens of a dystopian government cannot express their wants or needs because the government does not give them the ability to do so. In 1984, it is a crime to protest and speak for your beliefs unless it is in hate of the other continents. If a citizen is thought to be thinking of thoughts against the government, they will be arrested and punished. This is not a balanced government and or a desirable place because the people have little to no power or freedom, depending on the social rank. In this type of government, it could result in protest of all the people of the society against the government in hope of a change. Overall, a government where freedoms are limited and vary among the people does not benefit the people in a way that is ideal or equal.

(word count: 305 words)

Comic Strip for 1984

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Celebrity Cast for 1984

Ending for part 2 chapter 2

The two arose from bed and began to think about where they could go without getting caught together. They decided to go back to Winston’s flat. It would be difficult to get back and not be caught but if they pretended to not know each other they should not get in trouble. As they started heading back Winston whispered “pretend you do not know me and follow me from far behind.” He was hoping there were no microphones in place that would hear them quietly speaking. She replied “ok but we have to be careful” and they proceed to the flat. They traveled back a different way to avoid looking suspicious. As they neared his flat they had to think of a way to both go in and not be arrested or convicted of a crime. They decided on Winston going in first and Julia walking around for a while and then going in long after him. As Winston was entering his flat, the telescreen lit up with an announcement from Big Brother. It was by far the loudest and brightest he has seen the screen in a long time. The screen then said “a reminder that no one is allowed to be together unless legally allowed and approved by the government.” Winston knew that what Julia and him are doing could get them vaporized but he also believed that it is not fair that the people cannot choose a majority of their actions. He started worrying about Julia and if she would still come up to his flat. He had no idea if she would but about five minutes later she knocked on the door with a terrified look on her face. she said “this is a bad idea I should go back to my flat and we should never speak again unless we want to be vaporized.” He told her no and told her to come in his flat but to try as hard as she could to be quiet and to stay out of the line of the telescreen to avoid her being heard or seen by Big Brother or the government.

Word count: 355