The Royal Proclamation of 1763

What it is and what it did.


This artical is about the effects on virginia from the proclamation of 1763. The effects were it wasn't able to expand. Since it couldn't expand it couldn't. More information in paragraph 3.

The components of The proclamation of 1763

The first component is that all solders that voulonteered got at least 50 acres of land. Additoinally the component of the proclamation is it said that the indians would get to keep their land that they allready own. By the same tokenthe last component is that virginians couldn't expand in order to create more plantations.

Three economics in virginia

Three economics of virginia are there were many plantations wich required slave labor. Furthurmore the second economic is that virginia creates lots of tobbaco wich creates a lot of money. The third is that virginians really liked to expand.

The impact of the proclaimcation on virginia

The impact of the proclaimation is that virginians cant expand onto indian turf. Ferthermore that means that no more plantations could be built. In wich case less tobaco, so that means less money wich is bad for virgenians. In addition that means that there was a limit to how many plantations were built.


So as you can see the proclamation of 1763 effected virginia in negative ways. For example the plantation owners couldnt expaned.