Mustang Message

February 13, 2017

A Principal's Perspective

I normally enjoy the Super Bowl for the fellowship of friends, good food, the half-time show, and the Super Bowl commercials. But this year was different. The end of this Super Bowl was not to be missed because of the amazing, nail biting ending! I enjoy the stories about the people on each team. Their personal stories of hardship, overcoming something unexpected, or even triumph. This year the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were two great teams all about working together for the good of the team. They were successful because of the concept of team. On Super Bowl Sunday at church we watched a video called Football Sunday 2017. While it is about the personal testimonies of players on each team, what also caught my attention was the short clip about each team. See the video clip below.

Did you catch the highlights? Key ingredients for a successful Super Bowl team?

  • the importance of every role and contribution of each team member
  • a collective mission with high expectations and accountability for each team member
  • team members celebrating the accomplishments of one another
  • each team member sharpening the saw to improve the whole team

While not playing in the Super Bowl, these successful team dynamics can be applied at Greens Prairie as well. Our Vince Lombardi Trophy? Success for students each life...each day...each hour!

Be Innovative - Design the possibilities!


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Morning Duties for the Week

Morning Assembly (7:20): LeBlanc

Gym (7:20): Parr

Cafeteria (7:20): Eppes

Bus (7:15 - Buses/ Cafeteria after all buses arrive): Murphy

Parent Drop Off Direct Traffic (7:20-7:50): C. Anderson

Parent Drop Off Car Doors (7:20-7:50): Brice & McMurray

Counselor Schedule: First & Second

Librarian: GP

Week at a Glance


Tuesday: Valentine's Day Parties; Sing-A-Long @ 8:30; STEM Club 3:15-4:00

Wednesday: Lunch Lounge Wednesday - Eating in the teacher's lounge? Wear a GP shirt and jeans!; 2nd Grade Hard Hat Field Trip; 4th Grade STAAR Writing Practice; Tech and Specialists' Open Office Hours 3:15-4:15; Social & Emotional Team Meeting 3:30-4:30 - Conference Room

Thursday: 4th Grade Field Trip to Washington on the Brazos; 2nd Grade Field Trip to OPAS Seussical; SIT Group #5 ( Simmons/Hughes/S. Rhine); BRAVE 3:15-4:15

Friday: Fab Friday- Sonic Treats!; ELA Meetings at Conference Times

News & Notes

  • Our Campus Council met to discuss schoolwide items that need to be addressed and problem solved in order to improve routines & procedures on campus. Amy Hartsell is preparing a summary of meeting notes. Each Campus Council member will share the meeting notes with their team.
  • I am going to talk with the students in Morning Assembly about the floors during lunch. It is like a minefield with trash and food littering the floors. I am going to ask the students to pick up items off of the floor before they are dismissed. It will be helpful for teachers to remind students to do this before they throw their trash away.
  • Thank you to all of the GP staff for pitching in and helping as we have had a significant amount of subs due to staff members being sick, attending conferences, or workshops. Today, we had about 30 students out as well. That is our largest number to date. I hope we have a weekend to rest up and get better.

Science Experiments Take Planning, Dedication & Risk!

Sara Lake just wanted to get to school on a Friday morning. She was ready to get started with her science experiment which required root beer. But to her surprise, the science experiment was on her - literally- as she quickly learned about carbon dioxide and pressure gone awry! As you google carbon dioxide, pressure, and soda you quickly find the sound expression of pffff! Thank you Sara, for your demonstration of grit, determination, and perseverance in teaching your science lesson today to your inquisitive students!
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Mustang Yee Haws!

  • Congratulations to Kohl Anderson, Charla's son, who was named the NCAS PlayMakers of the Month Honor See
  • Thank you to Mr. K and Booker for representing GP as chefs for 50 Men Who Can Cook!
  • Thank you to Kristi Egli, Megan McMurry, Greg Smith, and Amy Hartsell for presenting at the faculty meeting. What a great example of working as a team of leaders sharing your expertise and experiences. Thank you!
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