Bridget mendler

By Sherry Lopez

Where she was born

Bridgit Mendler was born on, December 18th 1992, Washington District of Columbia, USA.She lived a typical normal life in Washington. In 2004 she wanted to act she loved doing it and thought she could get a job or career. She then she started some jobs as an actor but small. Mendler, Loved acting singing and dancing so she did what she loved and moved on from typical normal life.

How Bridgit started her career

In 2004 she landed her first role in the animated film The Legend of Buddha as Lucy. 2004-2013 she kept on getting more and more famous.famous. Bridget than began to do more jobs an acting and soon she then started to sing mendler was always this person who loved to be herself and do the things she love's the most.

About Bridgit now

Bridget's debut album Hello My Name Is was released on October 22 2012 by Hollywood Records WOW! .2015 Bridgit is moving on from goodluck charlie to Undateable a tv show where she stars as candace she is new and works at a bar.Bridgit mendler played as Teddy in Good luck charlie on disney channel and in a disney original movie lemonade mouth she is now working on her new album which includes “hello my name is…” “ready or not” and “hurricane”.

More about Bridgit

Bridget mendler Is a singer and dancer as well as actress.She has a brother named nick mendler. Her parents names are Harry Mendler and Leah Mendler .Bridgit has been recently dating Shane Harper.In May 2013 Mendler traveled to the U. K to fundraise for a Comic thing The campaign aimed to raising 100,000 and give families in poverty hope.2014 Mendler traveled to Guatemala to be in a group project of Save the Children that helps poor children in developing countries. She also represented the institution during the charity congress “Save the Children's” annual Advocacy Summit in Washington where she was born.