Marion Jones

gave up a very decorated career for drugs

Marion Jones and the 2000 Olympics!

Marion Jones was a highly decorated athlete for the USA's track and field team. she played in the 1998 Olympics, Los angelus, USA. She won 3 gold medals and 2 bronze. she was caught taking Tetrahydrogestrinone by the Bay Area Laboratory cooperative (BALCO). Jones was not the only one. The biggest steroid scandal of all time was recorded during the Sydney Olympics. It is called the BALCO scandal.

The investication

Victor Conte(owner of BALCO) and BALCO CO. started their investigation in 2002. There were 20 athletes who were found guilty of using the drug. When interrogated Jones said that she had never taken a drug in her life and never will. The authority's went back a couple steps and did more doping tests on the athletes and they came up positive again. BALCO talked to the athletes again. Marion Jones then admitted that she was on Tetrahydrogestrinone. Jones said that she dident know she was on this drug until it was to late. Terahydrogestrinone can be injected by needle or by drinking it so it was possible Jones dident know she was taking the drug. But since she did lie to BALCO Jones was stripped of her medals and her title and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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