How To Get What You Want…

with Vick Strizheus (Vid 5 of 90)

How To Get What You Want…

How To Get What You Want… with Vick Strizheus (Vid 5 of 90)

Make it a great day today! Start love living life!

Start a brand new day with a brand new challenge and goal.

Vick wants to share this concept, so watch it and try it out, try change your ship into a direction you want go to.

As Vick gets a lot of questions what the magical things is to be successful but as Vick explains it is a number of things that make it happen.

One of the things are, well he believes that asking the the right type of questions. Ask the right type of questions to yourself and also to other people. What he means by this and also if you apply this , put it to the test, you will get answers

Why do so many people fail, it is not because they lack information, that cannot be the case as there is so much information around us where ever we look. If you go to you will find so much information and the best thing is it is for FREE

Alot of people are not willing to do the research work and most of us are going out there looking for this big secret. Something has to be out there.

Instead of saying why is this happening to me, why can I not become successful……why, why, why!

Right !

How about you ask yourself: “How to” type of question and “How do I” type of question.

If you want to go from zero and you are someone starting out in the industry and you want to grow your income to 10k a month, don’t say why I cannot get myself to 10k a month. Do not ever say such a thing.

Don’t ever say: Why can’t I be successful, say how can I get to 10k a month, over and over and over again. Ask yourself that the how to and how do question instead. This makes a hug difference and Vick is the proof of this. It is your subconscious mind that is driving you to do things the things you are doing. When you walk to a place or to the cafe you just go, you do not think about how to walk and breath while you walking.

You mind is so powerful, if you ask yourself the correct type of question you will notice that you will get the right type of answer.

Marketers should be learning things all the time, leaders are readers and read everyday.

You put good information in your head all the time and you do it constantly, on a daily basis.

Next you do is to start asking the how to questions and ask yourself constantly how to questions, as Vick has experienced you will start getting good ideas into your head and start getting inspired to do things, things that give results. Small things like following people that are successful and how people can help you get to what you want. Things start to fall in place.

If you do this long enough you will notice that things will change!

So go and watch the video below and I would like to hear what you are experiencing.

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How To Get What You Want... with Vick Strizheus (Vid 5 of 90)