Shepard Elementary

Week of October 7, 2019

Book Fair and Other Things

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year - I LOVE Book Fair! The kids get so excited to buy new books and I can feel the happiness in the air. We also have a day off to look forward to and a 3 day week coming up, so all in all things are going along swimmingly!


Week of October 7:

Monday: Dennis Lee at 1:30; Kristin out all day - school business

Tuesday: Kristin out all day - school business

Wednesday: Team Leader meeting

Thursday: Kate out AM for Student Management meeting


Week of October 14:

Monday: No school - RELAX!

Tuesday: Parent/Teacher Conference Day

Wednesday: Kristin and Kate out AM - Principal Meeting

Thursday: Picture Day; KidTalk

Friday: Pride Rally

To Do

1. Make sure to have an assigned staff member in each grade level to check the pod doors every morning to make sure they are locked.

2. Pride rally awards are due in the google spreadsheet by Friday, October 11th. Make sure to call all parents/guardians of students who are receiving awards.

October Birthdays!

Looking forward to a fabulous birthday month:

October 3: Emily Rodriguez

October 5: Sue Lenihan

October 10: Kathy Seal

October 16: Doris Dale

October 21: Diana Love

October 31: Julie Lazcano

Big picture