Weekly Notes

November 15-21

Focus of the Week: Truthfulness

**Fifth Grade Camp!**

Monday, November 16

Campers arrive at 8:30 and leave shortly after

Paulisin at PBL

Student Team Meeting @ 8:00 in Frisk's room (Frisk, Stauch, Jacobsen)

Tuesday, November 17

Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Hempton @ Camp!

Staff Meeting @4-5:30PM (Data Analysis)

JCC Meeting @ 6PM Hrit Attending

Wednesday, November 18

Hempton @ Camp!

PBIS Meeting (if needed) @8AM

**Turn in your conference sheets today!**

Thursday, November 19

PBIS Booster Day! Cafeteria Expectations!!! (make sure to talk to the students about what the expectations are in the cafeteria today!)

Friday, November 20

Happy Birthday, Cacey!!!

Spirit Day!

Student IEP Meeting @ 8:30 (Frisk, Horbatch, Jacobsen, Karr, Maurus [if back])

Lockdown drill #1 @ 2:30 (make sure to practice with your students and wait to hear whoever is in charge in the office state the date and that the drill is over in order to go back to your normal schedule).

Last Week's Behavior Data (Monday through Wednesday)

Administrative Interventions: 5

ISS: 1

OSS: 3

Send Home: none

Trends/Hot Spots: Recess

Here are the numbers:

Total Students: 322

Free Lunch: 146 (45.3%)

Reduced: 18 (.6%)

Let's get those apps through and increase those percentages so that we get more Title support!

Workshop This Week

The last day for quarter 1 workshop groups is Monday, Nov. 16 (Hrit will be at a PBL meeting but is scheduled to have a sub). Quarter 2 workshop groups and goals will begin Tuesday, Nov. 17.

There will be NO workshop the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. (Sorry for the confusion in last week's notes.) Lisa Hrit will be doing an inventory of room 1 and creating a reading/math menu of interventions.


We talk a lot about students who have ADD/ADHD and what accommodations we make for them in the classroom. Just a reminder that Emily Compton sent out an email with helpful tips and information last week. It is geared to parents, but is very helpful to teachers.

Foot Update

I am still recovering at home and am SO thankful to Dianne for all of her support of being in the office while I am at home. I am hoping to get back in ASAP but my work restrictions are very big at this point. If I am not back this week, I am very confident that I am back next Monday.