"Green Frog, Red Frog"

Dont be selfish because anything karma can happen

There once were two frogs, they lived in a small grassy pond next to a very large house. One of the frogs - who was red- didn't know how to swim. So all day he sat on a lily pad watching the other frogs swim around happily. Then out of the water with a "splash!" A green frog jumped out and onto the lily pad. The red frog begged the green frog to teach him how to swim, but the green frog refused to teach him. The green frog jumped back off into the murky water. The red frog continued to sit and sit. Awaiting a miracle. When to the red frogs surprise there was yet another "splash!" But this time it was a purple frog who agreed willingly to help teach the poor helpless frog how to swim.

One day two boys came to the pond, one knelt down and picked up the green frog whilst the other cut off his feet FOR FUN! Yet this was NO fun for that selfish little frog, but nevertheless the green frog lived. Instead vice versa the green frog helplessly sat on the lily pad whilst the now happy red frog swam around.

MORAL: Don't be selfish, because karma does/can happen to anyone.

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