Walt Whitman

Laws of Creation

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Poem Explication

In the poem "Laws of Creation" by Walt Whiteman the poet says "For strong artist and leaders" which means all the creative artist, and people in charge. The poem is saying he hopes they are strong and can resist temptations of all kinds. All the people of the world need to be strong and be the best they can be.

When the poet says "All must have reference to the ensemble of the world" he is saying all men are equal. There is no right faith they all are equal and no religion is lost in indirection. No matter you race, religion, or history everyone should be able to come together and worship god. When the poem says "All works shall illustrate the divine law of indirections" it means all religions will be a perfect example of the beauty being lost. The beauty of not knowing who is right.

When the poet says "What do you suppose Creation is" he is showing how open he is open to all religions. He is asking because he wants to know your opinion. This is a great opening line to the stanza, because the whole stanza is about asking questions. He is asking all these questions to see the differences in religion and people, but also the similarities. we all see no one as good as God. Which is illustrated in the line "But that man or woman is as good as God ?" He is asking to show us how we are similar. We will all answer saying no one is as good as are god no matter the religion. The same goes for every other question the poet asks.

In Conclusion, The poem is about saying everyone should get along, because we are all the same in the stuff that matters. We all deserve happiness no matter what it is. we all have the right for happiness, because we are all the same.

poet research

Walt Whitman wrote "Laws of Creation". He was a very influential poet and inspired many other poets. He was very ahead of his time and people thought his work was obscene.

He thought all religions were equal. he shows this in the title. When any religion describes the creation of everything there are rules. An example would be there has to be a creator, and in this why they are all similar. When Whitman said "All must have reference to the ensemble of the world" he is saying all people are equal. he got this from his stand against slavery. He hated slavery and wanted it to be abolished. When he says "What do you suppose creation is" it goes with his respect for all religions. He wanted to know because most religions see creation as a different thing.

This poem is about other religions, and how they are the same and different. We all believe in creation, and no one is ever above god. We all see god and creation differently.

That Kid

Have you ever been in the lunch room and seen that kid sitting by himself.

The kid that never raises his hand in class, never goes to anyone's house,

or maybe you've never even seen him talk to anybody.

Like a picture on the wall that know one notices.

Don't just ignore him having the excuse "we have nothing in common" be the reason you don't go sit by that kid.

We are all the same where it counts. Not exactly the same, but close enough.

People are rocks they are all the different on the outside, but are all still rocks on the inside.

You could go sit by that kid and become good friends, or you could ignore him.

Just settle with the friends you have.

You have plenty you don't need another, but he does. He needs your friendship to feel like he belongs, and has a place in the world.

You could change his life with just one conversation.

Why don't you?