The Boy Who Dared

By Susan Campbell Bartoletti


The Boy Who Dared is a book about a boy named Helmuth Hübener. He is in a jail cell the whole time. He goes through his memories that he has with his half brothers, Gerhard and Hans. He also goes through memories with his best friends, Rudi Wobbe and Karl-Heinz Schnibbe, his stepfather, his grandparents, and his mother. Helmuth doesn't like his stepfather, Hugo. Hugo is a Nazi. Helmuth listens to a radio station that is against the law. He makes flyers and puts them anywhere he can. He also gets his friends to help him. The police or Gestapo catch him and his friends. Helmuth Hübener did not know what the Nazis would do to him because he was only a teenager. In conclusion, The Boy Who Dared is a book about Helmuth Hübener's life.


The theme of The Boy Who Dared is bravery. I think it is bravery because Helmuth knew what he was doing was against the law but he kept printing the flyers and putting them out. He also knew what would happened if the Gestapo found out he was listening to the radio. Helmuth, Rudi, and Karl are all very brave because they went against the law to let Germans know the truth about what was happening during the war. In conclusion, bravery is the theme of The Boy Who Dared.

Historical facts

Susan Campbell Bartoletti used facts from Helmuth's life to right this story. She interviewed Gerhard, Helmuth's half brother. Gerhard told her about Helmuth and some of their memories together. She used those facts and changed them into a book about events that happened in Helmuth's last few days. In conclusion, Susan Campbell Bartoletti interviewed Gerhard to get facts about Helmuth's life.

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