Three Blind Mice

Katelynn May

Story of the Three Blind Mice

The three blind mice have been accused of stealing large amounts of a very rare cheese from a nearby cheese production factory. The police showed up at their home to arrest them. The police officers put them in handcuffs and led them to their police cars to take them to the police station. The mice called one of their friends to post bail for them, an amount of money paid to the court that promises if let go, the accused criminals will show up for their court trial. After investigation, the police found the mice stole $447 worth of the rare cheese, making the crime a misdemeanor. If the mice had stolen over $1000 worth they could have been charged with a felony which is a serious crime that could result in harsher punishments than a misdemeanor. The grand jury was presented with enough evidence to indict or charge the three mice of the crime. All three of the mice fur was found in the store room where the cheese was stolen. The mice could not afford their own lawyer, so the court appointed them a public defender. During the arraignment, the mice pleaded not guilty. They could not agree to a plea bargain to try to get a lesser sentence because they pleaded not guilty. The cheese company called a witness to the stand who claims to have seen the mice stealing the cheese. He is a security guard of the neighboring factory. He was subpoenaed which means he was ordered in court to testify for the cheese company. Ultimately, the cheese company, or the prosecutor, was trying to prove the mice guilty. The three mice were required to take an oath to only tell the truth while in the court and nothing else. Breaking this would be perjury. After listening to both sides of the story, the petit jury found the verdict of the case was that the defendants are guilty. They were convicted of the crime and the judge sentenced them each 10 days in prison and a $2000 fine each. None of the three mice requested an appeal because they knew there was too much evidence to get out of it. There was no need for another court to review the case. After it was all over, the mice bought their own cheese and learned their lesson.