Realizing My Powers

by Alissa LeTourneau

My Accomplishments

My accomplishments include taking my first steps, and learning to ride a bike. Becoming a big sister was a big deal for me, I was a proud sibling of a baby brother. Being accepted into the Visual and Performing Arts Academy was very important and afterwards becoming a part of the National Art and Spanish Honor Societies. My latest accomplishment was getting hired at my first job.

My First Steps and Bike Training

My first accomplishments when I was younger were taking my first steps and learning to ride my bike. I took my first steps when I was visiting my family in Florida, at their house. This was a special moment for everyone and I will always remember where I was when I accomplished it. I rode my bike with training wheels for many years. I got a new bike for Christmas every year, and one year my new bike didn’t have training wheels on it. My dad taught me how to ride my bike when I was in my neighborhood and all of our neighbors got to celebrate with me.

Big Sister

On August 15th, 2000, I became a big sister. I think it was one of the proudest moments of my childhood. I was so very excited to have a new baby brother in the house, but I wanted him to door more than just eat and sleep. I was very anxious to play with him and soon when he could do those things, I wished he would just eat and sleep again.

Visual and Performing Arts Academy

When I was in the 8th grade, I applied and was accepted into the Visual and Performing Arts Academy for visual arts. This was a huge accomplishment for me because it was the only thing that I really enjoyed doing. Not long after, I was accepted into the National Art Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society.

Driving Lessons

The day I turned 15 1/2 , I was eligible to test for my learners permit. The day I was allowed to I went and took my test. I passed on the first try. I was so excited to learn how to drive but then when I was behind the wheel for the first time, my feelings were completely different. I eventually got used to it and got more comfortable with myself being in that type of control.

Applying For Jobs

Not long after I got my permit, I started to apply for jobs like crazy. I wanted a summer job in the worst way and I had applied for so many over the summer and gave up hope. I went on an interview and never got a call back, but on my second interview, I got offered the job. I am learning that maybe it wasn’t the best thing for me because of how tired I am on a daily basis. But it is teaching me how to balance school and work.