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Welcome to eWalkThrough Fuel, Volume 3 No. 2, a quarterly communique for the SWPRSC Digital eWalkThrough® System. We are pleased to offer your team support for instructional observation during the 2016-2017 academic year!

The Digital eWalkThrough® System is a research-based model for effective and efficient instructional leadership. If student success is the destination, education is the engine, and eWalkThrough® is the fuel.

Expect the eWalkThrough Fuel quarterly from Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. Our professional learning team is dedicated to the design of innovative solutions that will deliver the results you require for your staff and your students.

eWT Fuel - Volume 3 Number 2

eWalkThroughs Completed for the Week? Guaranteed Success Strategy

As we start the new year, a consistent theme is emerging from administrators and educators, "there is not enough time to get everything done," "I have no time for myself," "all I do is try to keep my head above water."

One of the challenges is getting in classrooms and completing eWalkThrough® observations. You know it's best practice. You know teachers crave your feedback. You know it makes a difference in student success. Try this simple solution: eWalkThroughs® are IMPORTANT not URGENT.

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Research suggests that people use either the clock OR their personal compass in the struggle with time. The clock represents the school calendar, after school committee work, and extra-curricular activities. The personal compass represents individual standards, values, and goals.

The clock indicates how we actually spend our time. The compass indicates what we value and what we believe is important.

Sage advice: In order to live a more balanced life, we must make choices based on what is the most important. We have the right to opt out of activities and obligations. We must empower ourselves to “just say no” to issues that drain our energy and time.

A time management matrix is suggested to reflect on how time is spent.

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What does it all mean?

How can this help educators more effectively manage time? Quadrant 1 represents tasks that are both urgent and important. If we handle Quadrant 1 tasks in a timely fashion, the urgency is reduced.

Quadrant 2 outlines activities that are important, but not urgent. This is the quadrant of “excellence.” This is the place to live! Increasing time spent in this quadrant strengthens ability to achieve, make a difference, and generate worthwhile results.

Elements that are urgent, but not important, fall into Quadrant 3. Covey calls this the quadrant of “deception”. The pressure of the urgent creates an impression of importance.

Quadrant III is typically driven by the expectations of others, not by our own priorities.

Not urgent and unimportant items fall into Quadrant 4. This is the quadrant that drains precious time and energy with no benefits in return. Covey calls Quadrant 4 the “escape” quadrant. Quadrant 4 can be a vacuum of the precious resource of time.

Take Action!

Reflect back to your last week or even just yesterday…at school, at home, and in your community. Where are you spending your time? How can you manage time differently to maximize satisfaction? What steps can be taken today, to move to a “First Things First: Highly Important, Not Urgent” lifestyle? And remember, eWalkThrough observations are highly important. If conducted regularly, eWalkThroughs® need not become urgent.

[from First Things First by Stephen Covey, Roger Merrill, and Rebecca Merrill and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.]

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