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Cyber bullying is when someone is using the internet to be mean to some, to call people names,and saying mean things to you .If you have been bullied online save the messages , screen shot what they have said o the computer. If you do this you have proof that they have been bullying you .

How can you get help?- you can get help from ; a teacher that can help you,a trusted adult- you could go to a help line like the kids help line

Safety Online

Online Safety

- If you see something online that upsets you or you think that is rude , you could always talk to someone who you could trust like an adult or a teacher.

- keep your password a secret ,becaues if you tell someone your password they could log on to your account and say some nasty stuff to people and they could think that it was you.

- keep your personal information safe when online, ALWAYS KEEP your personal information safe when online . NEVER put stuff that is personal like ; where you live, your phone number, never take photos when your in your school uniform.

- NEVER EVER EVER use your first name or last always use a nickname



Whats netiquette?
Netiquette is when you always have good manners, being polite, friendly , responsible and safe online.