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Y los primeros gobiernos: federalistas y centralistas

Iguala Plan and the First Constitution

This pact was made by Agustin De Iturbide y Vicente guerrero. This plan said that mexico will be gobernated by a constitucional monarchy, this means that the king will gobernate following laws writen in the constitution.

The Iguala plan said that the king needed to be a spain prince, but spain didn't wanted to send a prince to mexico, then the congress nammed Iturbide the emperor.

Iturbide had truble with the congress and with the army until he abandoned the throne in 1824. After the empire, it was decided to established a republicte haded centralists and federalists goberments until 1824, the congress decide to had a federal republicwith the first constitution,the federal constitution of 1824.

Federal republic

Befor being a federal republic mexico had federalists and centralists governments. It was federalist from 1824-1835, then it was a centralist from 1835-1846 ,and then it came back to be a federalist government fom 1846-1853. With the constitution of 1824, the provinces were converted in states and every state had his own government. The statesdecided their own political organization.

First mexican president

The first mexican president was Guadalupe Victoria, heworked in the education and make better the economy. Then in 1829 Vicente Guerrero was te next president, he ended the slavery and tried to to get ride of the spanish people. Then Anastacio Gustamante over threw Guerrero and the next years no body obeided the constitution and they allways fight for the power.