Tech Tuesday! November 11th

Tech tips to keep you informed

Google tip 1 - Printing Google Docs so you can see comments

If you want to print out a Google Doc and see the comments (like for submitting literacy assignments too supervisors, lesson plans etc) you need to go to:

  • File - Download As...
  • Webpage (html, zipped)

The file will download and when you open it the comments will appear as footnotes and you can print the document with them intact.

Big image
Big image

Google tip 2 - Flubaroo

While you start using Google Forms, you can start using the simple Add-on to Google Sheets called Flubaroo - it helps easily grade your forms whether used for a quick formative assessment or quiz. It is very easy to set up and works quickly to give you an overview of the student responses. See the intro video on the site for details on how to get started:

FMOT (Follow me on Twitter)

Jessica Raleigh (@TyrnaD) and The Breakfast Club (@BFC530)

Jess is an incredibly passionate teacher from Denver and is the moderator of the greatest Twitter chat out there - The Breakfast club. Yes, it starts at 5:30 eastern so it may be ruled out for a lot of you. However, if you are already up it is only 15 minutes and is a great dose of inspiration before you tackle your day. While the main chat runs at 5:30, it also runs at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30. Regardless of whether you can jump in the chat, follow Jess as she shares a lot of great information.

App of the week: Buncee

My go to for presentations is still Haiku Deck but this site was pitched to me recently and I like its simplicity and how it is geared towards education. Check it out and let me know:

Article of the week - When Memorization Gets In the Way of Learning

This one should get you thinking. If you don't have time now, file it away somewhere and read it when you have time.