Fourth Grade News

News about 4th Grade


Hi, the newspaper has a new advice column. If you want to enter your problem, hand the paper to your teacher. Please do not enter names (unless it is like this) :Sweaty in Social Studies, and only say that name about yourself. Make the paper short Please!!! Thanks for reading!!!


Where’s that Easter bunny? Guess What? Easter comes early this year! Will the Easter bunny come to you this year? Dress up in that bunny suit and get ready for Easter.
Have a happy holiday!

St.Patricks Day

Wheres me gold? Wheres me gold? Yay! It’s St.Patricks day! Give the leprechaun back his gold. Have a very green day! Remember...... WE WILL PINCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fitness testiing

Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! In P.E we are doing our fitness testing! We are going to prove that Y.E.S is STRONG. So............... Just keep running! Just keep running! Just keep running!

Swimming Unit

CANNON BALL!!!!!!!! Get ready to make a splash with our swimming unit! It doesn't matter if you don’t know how to swim, you will learn. So just have fun with it! Gotta hit the pool!

Snow Day!

YAY! We've reached the green line! Which means we get a snow day. Wear your pajamas! It’s going to get cold in here! You would not like to miss this day! Have a fun snow day!


Take me out to the ball game! Bring your mitts and bats because it’s baseball season! Get out on the baseball field and start to play! It’s 1,2,3 strikes you're out. So........... PLAY BALL!!!!


York got some snow! It’s very white outside. Bundle up it’s cold outside! Hope you have a happy snow day!!!!!!