LPS Elementary Closure Update

LPS Elementary Pick Up explanation

Hello LPS Families -

Thank you so much for your patience as we work to create the best solution to an unprecedented situation! We know that there will be hiccups to work out, and we appreciate your partnership in the process.

I have formatted the email with bullets on top talking about what will be covered and then the longer explanation in the bottom of the email so you can quickly find information as this email contains a lot of info and will also be posted to the elementary website.

  • March 16-20

    • LPS is closed and optional assignments are being made available for the students.

    • No new grades are taken this week, reach out to the teacher if you have concerns. Report card grades will be submitted Tuesday of next week.

    • If you need technology resources and haven’t completed the form: Click Here.

    • Pick up instructions for materials will be Wednesday the 18th.

  • March 23rd - March 27th

  • Going Forward

Starting this week, March 16th - 20th, no new grades will be taken. The 3rd nine weeks ends Tuesday, March 24th. We will be working to finalize grades this week and next. Please feel free to contact the teacher if you have any concerns. Grades will be posted by Friday, March 27th in the parent portal for grades 2-4 and report cards will be mailed the following week.

We are providing a sample daily schedule to help guide parents while you are at home; you can modify the times as needed for your family. There will also be suggested academic activities this week. Remember, these are not required and will not be graded.

We will also be closed next week (March 23-27), so we will be providing the academic must do activities along with other educational options on the LPS website under your child’s grade level page; watch for information from your teacher on how to use this tool when it is ready. We would like for you to try to use these resources this week, so we can determine what kinks or issues need to be worked out. There will also be a daily reflection assignment that will count as the student’s attendance. Teachers will hold definite office hours from 1-3pm each day so you can be assured to get them quickly during that time frame.

We have pick-up times for you to come gather needed materials on Wednesday the 18th as not all activities will be electronic in grades K-4 (all students will have some paper and some electronic assignments). This will allow your children to share devices as much as possible as well as limit their screen time. To stagger this distribution, we will divide our families by the alphabet so you can get all your children’s things at one time. We will utilize gloves as we package these materials and as we distribute them for your safety as well as spacing you out. If you are not able to come at your designated time, you can come during one of the other times if absolutely necessary. If you have traveled to a high incident area or feel that you have been exposed, please email me (mcreamer@lpsfrisco.com) so I can set up a separate pick-up time for you. No children are allowed in the building for safety reasons.

Wednesday the 18th - Materials Pick-up

Elementary Power Plant - please enter doors by playground (there will be signs)

We recommend you bring a bag to carry all the items.

You can allow someone else to pick up your items if needed as well.

9-9:30am Families with last name beginning with A-E

9:30am-10am Families with last name beginning with F-J

10-10:30am Families with last name beginning with K-O

10:30-11am Families with last name beginning with P-T

11-11:30am Families with last name beginning with U-Z

If the closure continues after that, we will arrange a time to pick up further resources as necessary. We are trying to limit that, but this is an evolving situation.

We understand that every family may not have access to the internet or a connected device (computer, tablet, chromebook, smartphone, laptop) at home and are prepared to work with families for additional support to continue student education remotely. If your family needs assistance please complete this form to initiate a request for alternate resources. Please complete this form by Tuesday, March 17th at 12:00 a.m. so we can best support our students in need of these resources. If approved, you will be able to pick up the device when you pick up the other resources on the 18th.

All campus activities/events will be suspended until further notice.

Students who receive services in academic special programming will be contacted by their case managers.

The STAAR test has been waived for the school year, so that does not need to be a concern for you or your child.

Please know that we are continuing to monitor the situation and our Superintendent is in daily communication with the Education Commissioner to make the best decisions we can. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this situation.

(Here is a link to this letter with pretty formatting: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LwAxXROwmQUhLZpsX27UoHEj3jHNbvsvrOv-xZFYAWU/edit?usp=sharing)

Contact Info

The office will not really be open, so email will be your best form of communication.

Your child's teacher would be the best contact initially, but I am available to help in any way that I can: mcreamer@lpsfrisco.com.

There is no need to email attendance notes to the office; you can simply communicate with the teacher if a child is too sick to work that day.

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