Welcome to Pioneer Middle School!!

Science 6th grade

Earthquake PBL

The earthquake project was about a person named Tony Stark that used to live in Louisiana and didn't have a home.The project was that each group had to make a house with small materials for Tony Stark.Our designs was that there were two floors and we put clay at the bottom and the top so it can have a grip.I learned that to do teamwork and the disasters in Louisiana.

30 hands project

The 30 hands project talks about climate change and global warming.The 30 hands project mostly talked about what is happening in the world and the ecosystem will get polluted.The thing I liked about the project is that I present the project and my pictures(that I chose good ones).

Invention Convention

The invention convention project is about making a invention or making a invention better and how it helps the world.Our ideas was that we make cabon dioxide to oxygen.We brought materials (like toys,cardboard,and chip bags.We made our invention and we think its good.