Jaelin Valee

middle school

What years were you in middle school


what kind music,movies,and fashion were popular at the time

music ; green day , sound garden

movies; Titanic ' Men in black , I know what u did last summer

fashion; jeans flare

what were your favorite activities in middle school

cheer leading

what were your hobbies and interests

cheer leading , shopping , school dances , football games

what job/interests/activities in middle school


is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today

shopping,and music

what was the best part about being in middle school

being a kid,hanging with friends,cheerleading,dances, and its easier now

what was the worst part

getting ready for high school

how would you describe youre middle school self


what advice about growing up would you give kids my age

to be a kid dont try to grow up fast,take school seriously

was middle school hard or not


what did the teatcher think of you

teachers pet
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