Road to Revolution

By: Danielle Brodnicki


Today I will be showing you some information about some Important people/events that happened in the Revolutionary War.

King George iii

King George was the king of Great Britain and Ireland from October 25th 1760 until January 1st 1801. He was king until the day he died, (January 29th, 1820). King George was one of the longest king there was during the past times. King George been through a lot while he was King like for example the Seven Year’s War, and the loss of the American Colonies in the War of independence. King George also issued the Proclamation of 1763, which means they forbade the colonists from settling beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

King George had many influences before all of this happened. King George was a ruler longer than any British monarch before him. He was overwhelmed with a many military battles that involved lands such as the America, Asia, Africa, as well as places in Europe, mostly France.

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was an American Attorney. Which meant he was an orator during the movement for independence in Virginia during the 1700s. Patrick Henry was one of the leading figures of the American Revolutionary War. In 1775 Patrick Henry gave a speech called "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death". After he gave that speech he changed a lot of lives. (It impacted many people's lives). In 1787 Patrick Henry was elected as a delegate but refused to serve. When Patrick Henry was a lawyer he was elected for the House Of Burgesses and in 1765 he won that election.

After he gave that speech made an impact on not just people but everything during that time period. People thought of him as a brave man who really cared for what he was doing, but before he gave that speech not many people cared for him.

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre was a street fighting that occurred on March 5, 1770. The stuff that happened during that street fight was people throwing sticks, stones, & snowballs. What they were doing was so bad that it turned out into a war. They never meant to turn it into a war but they were injuring and killing so much people so they had no choice but to turn it into a war.

It was never meant to be taken this far but what they did was really bad so it was brought into the Revolutionary War.

Daughters of Liberty

Daughters of Liberty were very loyal people . The way the showed their loyalty was by supporting the British gods during the American Revolution. The point for the Daughters of Liberty was that they showed that women's involvement in politics could be beneficial to the country. The Daughters of Liberty were very important because they helped end the Stamp Act in 1766. The Daughters of Liberty was founded in 1890 on October 11.

The Daughters of Liberty was very important to the Revolutionary War because they did all the house work while the soldiers were fighting in the battle.


I hope you learned some cool facts about what happened in the Revolutionary War and had fun reading about it!