Woman's Abuse

By: Stephanie W.

What is Abuse?

Abuse is to be treated in a harmful or offensive way. This is often by physically abuse such as kicking, slapping, punching, etc. this can cause the victim to be emotionally scarred. Bruises and scars are left as a constant reminder of constant suffering some face. By getting help you can help the person being abuse to heal and come back to health. Help can also be provided for the person doing the abuse, they can overcome the issue that is making them act in a abusive way.

It's hard to look for the light when your lost in the dark

How tell if someone is being abused

-Multiple bruises or injury may appear all at once

-The person might start to make excuses when having to show marks.

- A personality change.

-If they start missing work or not showing up to usual social events

-If they shy away from any conflict

Genesis Woman's Shelter and Outreach

The Genesis Woman's Shelter has many resources for anyone suffering from abuse. If you need counseling or information go to their website or local cite.

Ways to Get Help

There are many ways of getting help. Getting help could help you save a someone's life. Wether you are in danger or someone else getting help from a proffesional could be the difference if the situation gets out of hand.

1- Tell a school counselor

2- Find a local shelter

3- Get therapy

4- Find a resloution for the reason behind the abuse

5- Find a safe way to leave the abuse