End of the World By a Meteor Shower

Not the same as a baby shower


Meteors can cause grave danger to the earth because of the massive damage that they can inflict if the meteor does hit the earth.

Discovery Channel - Miracle Planet - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation
Once the meteor hits, it would create a large crater and send parts of the Earth flying. That's only the beginning of what would happen. Rock vapor from entry would leave the crash site and spread throughout the Earth. The heat from the vapor would destroy almost everything on the planet. The heat would also be so great that the vapor would evaporate the world's oceans.
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As the Asteroid or Meteor falls to Earth, the atmosphere heats the rock of the object, causing it to burn away. This gives the object a tail of fire behind it.
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It is very likely that the asteroid or Meteor will impact in the ocean. This will cause massive tidal waves to go in every direction from the impact site. These waves can reach hundreds of miles high, depending on the size of the object. This means that if an impact was big enough to destroy all life on Earth, the waves created from an impact in the Pacific Ocean could reach as far as Denver.
Could Earth be destroyed by asteroid in 2036?
This video talks about the possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth in 2036 and talks about the ways we can prevent it from happening
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The 1.2-kilometer-diameter Meteor Crater in Arizona was formed by a roughly 50-meter-diameter impactor about 50,000 years ago.

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