University of Oregon

Home of the Ducks

Requirements for Admission

  • SAT/ACT test score submissions
  • Secondary School record
  • Secondary School GPA
  • Completion of College-preparatory program (our core classes)
  • Five hundred word or less essay about things not on your application
  • "Optional" secondary essay detailing

Geography and Climate around U of O

  1. The university of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon
  2. Eugene is located in the center of western Oregon, about 100 miles south of Portland
  3. The Eugene area is relatively cold year round with an average high of 66.4 degrees
  4. Eugene gets around 51 inches of rainfall a year

Things to do outside of School

Extensive Biking paths weave through the city

Much of the city is surrounded by forest areas that have campgrounds in them

Cascades Raptor Center

Plans for monetary support

  1. Take AP classes to reduce credit total needed
  2. Go to RCC to get half of my terms out of the way
  3. Try my best for a scholarship

Ranking of U of O's programs

  1. Is ranked highly for its liberal arts and sciences
  2. THey have a highly regarded athletic program that has won multiple division titles in it's lifetime